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Our Team

The staff at Hub Langie has been in various positions of the paving industry with combined years of experience that is too large to measure! Our quality paving service throughout the Rochester area is accomplished by combining our state-of-the-art equipment and our skilled labor force which consists of a crew specializing in asphalt paving, grading, milling, seal coating, repair, patchwork, concrete, stripping and full-depth reclamation. We pride ourselves in our experienced team and the final result we provide to our customers. Contact us for a free estimate today!


Thomas Kien

Tom has been in the construction business and related fields for over 47 years. 10 of those years were with a civil engineering company where his responsibilities included surveying, inspection, and design of utilities, roads and parking lots. The last 14 years, Tom has been the owner of Hub Langie Paving and has dedicated his time and experience in the design and installation of building sites, utility and parking lots.

Rick Cooper
Seal Coating Division

Rick has over 20 years in the paving and seal coating business. In the paving area, Rick has worked on projects from small driveways to five acre parking lots at shopping malls. He is highly experienced in this area and can answer any of your paving questions. Rick can look at any driveway or parking lot and determine the best way to accomplish the client’s need at the lowest cost. Whether it’s filling cracks, seal coating, resurfacing, or complete reconstruction of the pavement area, Rick has the expertise to fulfill all of your seal coating needs.

Jim Riscignoto
Concrete Team

Jim has over 25 years of experience in the concrete industry, with most of his experience in the "flat" work installation, which includes, but is not limited to sidewalks and patios. He also is experienced in stamped concrete, designed concrete, and catch basin rebuilding.

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