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When Should I Replace My Driveway?

Hub Langie Paving has experienced estimators that will determine if the existing stone base of your driveway is in good shape. If the existing stone base still has its integrity, we can remove and replace the existing asphalt.


After removal of the existing asphalt, we’ll prep the base adding additional stone as needed, grade and level the base to enhance drainage. The stone base should be compacted to prepare for the new asphalt surface. A structurally sound base will support your new driveway for many years to come.


Hub Langie Paving’s trained estimators will determine if the stone base needs removal.

If water has penetrated through the stone base into the sub-base material (the layer of soil under your driveway and lawn area), the sub- base material migrates into the stone base and causes instability. This sub-base layer could be sand, stone, gravel or clay. At this point, the driveway needs to be reconstructed beginning with a solid sub-base and a new stone base before the installation of the new asphalt.



If the sub-base is suitable, our team will excavate the driveway removing the asphalt and stone base down to the depth of the sub-base. We would grade and compact the sub-base and check the stability of the sub-base.



Additional removal of sub-base material may be required to a depth that would support the installation of the new stone base.



Binder is often times recommended as your first layer of asphalt. Binder Course asphalt is a courser type asphalt layer, using larger aggregate (stones) which provides additional strength and durability to the entire driveway surface. Most times, newer homes have Binder Course asphalt installed with an additional layer of Asphalt Finish Course installed at a future date, providing that smooth finished driveway appearance.



Due to the added cost of the two layers of asphalt (Binder and Top); many homeowners prefer not to have the initial layer of binder asphalt installed. If circumstances allow, the Finish Asphalt top layer can be installed for normal driveway usage.



Unknown – “Hidden Cost”

At times unknown conditions can arise under the asphalt that were not apparent during the initial visual inspection of the driveway. There could be a sub-base problem where additional work is required, which could lead to additional costs. As soon as this is determined, Hub Langie Paving will stop the project and notify the homeowner of these issues, along with options to remedy the situation. The homeowner, at no time, should be kept in the dark, nor surprised with a bill larger than the original contract without full disclosure as to the circumstances that cause this change.

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