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Should I Resurface or Replace my Driveway?

If the existing asphalt is low enough and it is established that the asphalt can support a new layer of asphalt, Hub Langie Paving can “Resurface” the driveway with minimal excavation to transition the driveway into established structures such as garage floors, sidewalks and existing streets, gutters and roadways. You can resurface an existing asphalt driveway but there are some things to consider...


  • The first step is to have a qualified estimator determine if the existing stone base is in good shape.

  • If you have existing cracks or broken up areas of asphalt, they can “reflect” up through the new asphalt.

  • Drainage – If you resurface with a new layer of asphalt, disruption of the original drainage pattern may occur. Milling the areas adjacent to garage floors, sidewalks, gutters and roadways will address these drainage issues.

  • A trained, experienced estimator will determine if the existing driveway qualifies for an overlay/resurface. Select a contractor you can trust to give you the best recommended application for your particular situation.

Hub Langie Paving is an expert in resurfacing driveways in Rochester, NY and can handle of your driveway’s asphalt needs. Give us a call today and get a free quote!

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